Optimization through innovation

WOGEMA machines are
more robust, more compact, and more durable

Many sectors rely on decades-old machinery and production processes that have served well over time. And yet, we at WOGEMA look at these same established systems and see enormous potential for innovation. We start with allegedly proven processes and models and develop novel redesigns.

We carefully analyze the systems and push the envelope of accepted technologies. Our engineers apply creative, outside-the-box thinking to derive original solutions, then call up deeply-rooted expertise to implement them. Building more efficient machines requires novel engineering approaches, at times starting back at square one, or tacking into the wind. We deliver state-of-the-art technology where the innovation is not superficial but deeply rooted – whether in repurposing extant designs or devising them anew.

PLD Drahtmodell
PLD Pinion Drive

EFFICIENT ENGINEERING for us means not only improving technologies, but also creative problem solving and the highest caliber workmanship. The field is in flux, the result of increasingly more sophisticated technologies, more intricate logistics, and more precise cycle times. For companies not content with merely catching up, we design optimized machines that position our customer at the cutting edge of innovation.

→ Efficient machines
→ Low maintenance
→ European quality

Special industry-specific machines

Efficiency is always the product of a precise coordination between processes and machines. We carefully scrutinize your systems and processes with our know-how, experience, and a talent for innovation to design effective modular solutions that are perfectly matched to your requirements.

Automatic Ball Charger

Automatic Ball Charger

The Automatic Ball Charger was developed according to a specific customer request and ensures continuous refilling of grinding balls. It can be used for any ball mills and is particularly interesting for industries confronted with high ball wear in mills.


Finite element calculations

WOGEMA can develop a wide range of finite element calculations, from simple mechanical calculations through the determination of natural frequencies to complex thermomechanical problems. We use this analytical tool to optimize the service life and operational performance of machine systems.

The picture on the left shows the modal analysis of a classifier for determining natural frequencies, which has a significant effect on operational performance.

Shown on the right is a portion of a mechanical mill tube calculation. This is used to determine the stresses in critical areas and can be used to calculate service life.

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